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Look Who Got Caught Shopping For Shoes

This is exciting! One of my blog readers sent me this picture of the ruler of the free world shopping for shoes! I just had to share this with you.


Prepare For Your Yellowstone Hiking Trip

So, your going hiking in Yellowstone? How awesome! I love hiking Yellowstone and the surrounding areas. Living in Cody, Yellowstone is only 50 miles away and equips me with the perfect outdoor get away adventure.

There are a few things to keep in mind while out hiking in Yellowstone. Caution is of extreme importance. The majority of Yellowstone’s 9 million visitors walk the trails with out any of the ordinary incidents. There are a few off trail routes that are generally visited by a few, and it is these I would like to address.


I would like to stress the importance of carrying bear mace!

With the many bear attacks over the last several years, bear mace is an absolute must have when camping and hiking Yellowstone! Several of the grizzly encounters have produced nothing more than soiled drawers, but you don’t want to end up cutting your vacation short due to a grizzly attack, or even worse, a mauling.

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The Horn Hunter – To My Dad

Nestled far in the valley,
the river runs deep
The sun just rising,
over mountains so steep.

Trees are frozen,
in mid winter bliss
Branches near breaking,
on a morning such as this.

A blanket of white
covers the ground,
as the snow falls gently
not making a sound.

A black wolf watches
above the new fallen snow
As a lone man travels
to where the elk herd go.

Breaking the silence
upon his 4-wheeled beast
he pushes onward
not alone in the least.

This place, this time
few men will ever see,
the true beauty of God
as it was meant to be.

None except this man,
riding alone
hunting horns
far from home.

Love You Dad!


Wyoming Cowboys Soft Fleece Body Blanket


Stay warm and show your team spirit at the games with this soft, fuzzy body throw.. Nothing is as warm and inviting as the Wyoming Cowboys Blanket with sleeves.

The Wyoming Cowboys NCAA Adult Comfy Throw is an Officially Licensed Blanket with Sleeves, that show off the Wyoming Cowboys colors and and Design

Now while your at the games in the winter or early spring chill you have the option of staying warm and comfy-cozy in this super soft, thick and luxurious fleece blanket with sleeves.

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