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Drones in Yosemite National Park

This could go two ways. If they (govt drones) are used to prevent or warn of Grizzly attacks, then by all means have a drone follow Grizzlies. If they would be used instead to spy on Americans and visitors from other countries, then get rid of them! Personal use of Drones should be prohibited and […]

Beautifully Decorated Fireplace at the Irma Hotel (Pictures)

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Prepare For Your Yellowstone Hiking Trip

So, your going hiking in Yellowstone? How awesome! I love hiking Yellowstone and the surrounding areas. Living in Cody, Yellowstone is only 50 miles away and equips me with the perfect outdoor get away adventure. There are a few things to keep in mind while out hiking in Yellowstone. Caution is of extreme importance. The majority of Yellowstone’s 9 million […]

The Horn Hunter – To My Dad

Nestled far in the valley, the river runs deep The sun just rising, over mountains so steep. Trees are frozen, in mid winter bliss Branches near breaking, on a morning such as this. A blanket of white covers the ground, as the snow falls gently not making a sound. A black wolf watches above the […]