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Mastering Mountain Bike Skills – 2nd Edition (Paperback)

Review “I love to mountain bike after a long season of races like the Tour de France and the Tour of California. Mastering Mountain Bike Skills has helped me to ride more safely and have more fun on the dirt, which improved my skills on and off road.” Levi Leipheimer — 3x Tour of California […]

Quick Repair Tools for Mountain Biking Trips

When you decide to go mountain biking on a long days ride expecially off the beaten path there are several things that you should take with you. You can never be too prepared. Things happen and you will want to be ready for the unexpected Below, you’ll find the essentials that you should have. Link to […]

Basic Biking Skills Before Hitting The Trails

Mountain biking is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who knows how to ride a bike.  But compared to a leisurely ride around the block, mountain biking does present some danger, expecially if it has been a while since you where on a bike. Here are some basic skills you will need before hitting the trails or […]

Anatomy of a Mountain Bike A-W

A mountain bike is the one thing you need before you go mountain biking. 🙂 A mountain bike contains many parts, which will be covered below: Link to this post!