OverPass For Obamas Impeachment August 2 In Casper | Cody Wyoming Real West Culture

OverPass For Obamas Impeachment August 2 In Casper

Inviting all Wyoming and visiting Patriots to join the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, August 2nd in Casper Wyoming! Please download the flyer below and show your patriotism by posting in a town near you.

Protest to bring awareness … Get that commie Muslim, Anti-American usurper of our White House

Who is running our govt now? A Muslim. Who does he pick as his cohorts? Radial left wingers and Muslims. Who is on the DHS advisory panel? Muslims.  The Butchers of Benghazi, Obama and Hillary, left men to die as a result of an attack led by Morsi’s people. Who helped put Morsi into power? Obama. Who is supplying the enemy? Obama. Time to take this tyrant Muslim out with the trash!

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